‘Chris Collis is “The genuine article”. It’s always good to work with a Marketer who firstly really cares about their consumers and brand and who actually understands the digital world. Chris has a clear idea of what he wants as he pushes the digital agenda – he can be hard-nosed and numbers-driven when he needs to be, but Chris is always fair, open and willing to investigate / test new ideas.’

Costas Michalia, Director,
Crab Digital



Mark Escolme, Gu PudsChris joined Gü Puds as Marketing Director for a short fixed term contract during a period of management change in summer 2014.
Chris was swift to establish the trust of his marketing and innovations team members as he merged them into a single team, and helped them to establish a clear direction.
Friendly and likable, Chris’s calm approach and his ability to see the bigger picture in business are undoubted assets and I am happy to recommend him

Mark Escolme,
Global Managing Director, Gü Puds



Louise Bird

‘Chris is a strong leader who always puts people first.  … He  swiftly instilled a shared vision within the team, and he uses his experience and coaching skills to guide others to make good business choices. …
I found him helpful and supportive, and he has continued to act as a sounding board, mentor and friend as my career has progressed.

Louise Bird,
Head of Product Marketing at HomeServe



Mark Hurst

Chris is always a pleasure to work with. He’s a fantastic team leader and I have watched him build a UK team that has seen the highest sales figures in the client’s 30 year history. He’s an insightful marketer, an inspiring leader and he has a drive & energy that’s infectious; but most of all he’s an all round good egg. A very nice chap!   I can’t recommend Chris highly enough.

Mark Hurst,   Creative Director



Peter Beard

Chris is an excellent marketer who has a nice combo of creativity coupled with a strong IQ and attention to detail. Open, honest and straightforward, he gets things done by being a patient coach and effective communicator. Chris would be an asset to any marketing orientated business.

Peter Beard
Chief Executive Officer at Africom-Delta Corporation


Dan Foreman

A smart, driven thinker, Chris is very strategic in his approach and works hard to ensure the strategy is delivered, even if it requires pushing the ‘unpopular’ solution. I would recommend Chris to anyone.

   Dan Foreman,  Lumi; President of ESOMAR; ZappiStore



Paul Bisson

Chris had great energy and drive to lead projects end to end. He’s a fun and practical person who can add great value. He’s willing to stand in a tough place to do the right thing, and always has his eye on the right outcome.

Paul Bisson
Commercial Manager, Diageo, Asia Pacific



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